SCHRAMM Home Collection

A collection of exclusive interior accessories for elegant living.

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Plaids & Pillows

Bedspread, Plaids & Pillows

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Space fragrance, Candle, Stones

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Decor & Homescent

Bedding, Plaids & Decorative Pillows, Slippers

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Linen, Duvet Inserts & Pillows, Slippers

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Duvets & Pillows

Duvet Down & Camel, Kissen Down & Microfill

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Bathrobes & Towel

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Coming home. Relax. Immerge into a hot bath. Light a scented candle smelling of cashmere, take a siesta on fluffy cushions, listen to music. Exhale.

Nothing is better than to have a true home. To make one’s own four walls a daily hideaway which is better than any boutique hotel. At the aid of selected classy items: fluffy towels, luxurious cushions, gentle bed linen, amazingly soft plaids, subtle fragrances – the daily luxury, a true joy.

Angela Schramm, chief designer of the legendary German bedding manufactory Schramm, presents the new Home Collection, products personally designed by her for the elegant art of living. An individual collection of interior accessories on the highest level, matching the luxurious beds made by Schramm Werkstätten - as well as all other beds in the world. Due to their timeless design these objects may be combined with any interior style, whether   unobtrusively minimalist or fancifully sumptuous.

Made or refined by hand

Each and every item of the Home Collection has been made or refined affectionately by hand and has been procured from top suppliers from Europe and overseas: 


Angela Schramm has towels and bed linen produced by a small family-run manufactory in Portugal, room scents created by a Provençal perfume distiller, fine wollen plaids and bed linen woven by studios in Northern Italy.  The silky velvet plaids are being embroidered in India, the ample pillows and light duvets receive their feather and down fillings originating from species-appropriately kept animals in the region around North Rhine-Westphalia Münster.  


Style expert Angela Schramm – who has been travelling the entire world for two decades for the sake of interior  embellishment – repeatedly visited the workshops to discuss each design and delicate detail of the Home Collection items in person with weavers, embroiderers, seamstresses and perfumers whose work boast a long handcraft tradition. And this way all collection items which you opt for will sustain over many years since they distinguish themselves by an exceptionally good quality.

Discover the beautiful  World of Schramm Home Collection for yourself. We shall be delighted to note that you will enjoy the amazing things for your home as much as we do. For a marvelous day. And a good night. Carpe diem. Carpe noctem. Since your home is your castle.