Savoy - Hotel Collection

Our competence for your guest’s well-being

A temporary home. To feel comfortable, to be secure, to get spoiled and to enjoy to the full. A friendly service and an appealing ambiance is essential but above all the right bed is a must. The savoy bed collection by SCHRAMM is the right choice. Top artisan perfection, masterly workmanship, precious, timeless design and the one-of-a-kind sleeping system provide for highly pleased guests – every single day.


The handmade pocket spring mattresses of SAVOY feature thermally tempered springs as well as an elaborate upholstery structure and are manually stitched instead of being glued to each other. They are available with a ticking of pure viscose and in up to three different spring tension formulas.

Technical data of SAVOY top mattresses


Leading hoteliers in germany and europe selected the hotel bed collection Savoy by the Schramm manufactury for their hotels. Apart from 90 years of experiance in producing high-end sleep systems, mattresses and base mattresses it is formost the elaborate handcraft, the classy materials and a comprehensive competence which count. let yourself get thoroughly advised - in favour of your guests' well-being.

SAVOY feet and castors

Reversed feet, safe clearance for toes..

Feet and castors

Zylinderfuße ZF10 massives Buchenholz, natur, lackiert, Höhe 10 cm
Zylinderfuße ZF10 massives Buchenholz, schwarz gebeizt und lackiert, Höhe 10 cm
Teppichrolle schwarz, arretierbar, Höhe 10 cm
Stabfuß Aluminium in polierter Ausführung, Höhe 10 cm

The dimensions of SAVOY upholstered bed


Upholstered bed – External dimensions

Single bed width: nominal measure app. 1 cm
Double bed width: nominal measure app. 2 cm
Bed length: nominal measure app. 1 cm

Savoy base mattress - withour or with motorized adjustability

With the integrated sleep system by SCHRAMM

Upholstered bed with integrated adjustable base mattress. Apart from the non-adjustable base mattress SAVOY may also be equipped with a twofold motor-driven SCHRAMM base mattress.

Savoy base mattresses


For insertion into existing beds.

Without or with motorized adjustability.

Even if there already are bed frames in your guest rooms you do not have to do without the comfort of the SCHRAMM dual mattress system. The base mattress – variable by adjustment – may simply be inserted into existing bed frames.

In combination with the SAVOY top mattresses your guest will enjoy the excellent SCHRAMM sleep comfort while you have the pleasure to host pleased guests – the best recommendation for a hospitable house.

Savoy Topper

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