SCHRAMM Workshops are proud of their apprentices

Now our apprentices have their say: „It is not just an ordinary place to work at – it’s more like a family.“ – „Today I can proudly say that I really enjoy my apprenticeship.“ – „The job offers variety and many possibilities.“ - „The SCHRAMM company gives me the chance to pursue an outstanding vocational training in the job of my dreams. And I enjoy it a lot.“ That sounds good.

Vocational training at SCHRAMM. This is what we are proud of. Send us your application.

... and i am a trainee at SCHRAMM.

Everything started last year in June with an internship which I enjoyed a lot and arose my interest in the trade of an upholstery and interior furnishings seamstress. Since summer 2012 I am pursuing a vocational apprenticeship in this trade. This will take 2 years. The vocational school is located at Freiburg. A wonderful city which I already visited.

My colleagues welcomed me really cordially, thereby making it easy for me to settle in.

Today I can say that I am definitely enjoying my apprenticeship. We continuously learn new things and we are taught to always be aware of how much importance SCHRAMM attaches to refinement and quality.

Acquaintance weekend

Already upon recruitment of our new apprentices (8 at one go) we were asking ourselves about possibilities to facilitate the introduction to the professional world. The fact that young people are confronted with a completely unfamiliar environment and 180 colleagues doesn’t really make the situation any easier. We soon came to the conclusion that a „get-to-know-each-other weekend“ joining all apprentices would be the best solution since it would offer the perfect opportunity to get to know each other quickly and profoundly while at the same time providing the possibility to convey both the SCHRAMM family and team spirit – issues of high priority to us – in a most effective and playful way. Despite all the negative weather forecasts we were already able to enjoy a few sunny hours on Friday. Having hardly arrived at the ropes course K1 at Mehlingen, we put on the climbing gear and listened to the mandatory briefing. Eight different parcours up to a height of 25 m could be used to prove individual climbing skills. Since only few participants suffered from acrophobia, the „torture“ was an almost voluntary one. The most amazing thing was the fact that noone had to make his/her way up by himself/herself but that teams were built instantly, providing each other with all kinds of tips and tricks. Exhausted but also proud of the performance rendered we then made our way to the youth hostel at Altleiningen. The fantastic peaceful location within a castle ruin made for the perfect atmosphere to talk about oneself, one’s wishes and expectations and the apprenticeship at SCHRAMM’s. An easy-going joint dinner with the Schramm family concluded the day. Our apprentices soon gave up the frightening image of the „mean boss“ and preferred to discuss and philosophise at great length instead.

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