For three generations, SCHRAMM workshops have specialised in highest sleep comfort handmade in Germany. Having been founded in 1923 as an upholstery and saddlery workshop, SCHRAMM workshops have focused on manufacturing high quality mattresses and base mattresses since the mid-1960s. Several own bed creations and fully integrated boxspring systems follow. An up to date workshop diversity and more than 180 staff members ensure sleep products manufactured individually at a top level. Almost 400 specialised trade partners represent the SCHRAMM range in nearly all Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.


Our idea of sustained thinking and acting


For three generations SCHRAMM has been synonymous for comprehensive sleep comfort and its continuous enhancement. From 1923 until today we have remained faithful to our trade. SCHAMM has been and will continue to be one of the family-run businesses in Germany becoming all the rarer. And the fourth generation is waiting in the wings. This is what we are talking about when referring to sustained thinking and acting. Not chasing a short-termed advantage but long-term constancy this demand for quality may be perceived with all senses in our sleeping products. Expertise, sense of responsibility and discipline are the links of a high-standard production chain which in the end will yield a perfect product awarded with the label „SCHRAMM“. In striving for highest quality and ever more perfect solutions we never forget who we owe our success to and who is in the centre of all our concerns: our customers, the focus of our entire thinking and acting, our innovations and our passion.

„HANDMADE IN GERMANY“ is a promise which we renew daily. With our extensive experience, with our entire expertise and with all our energy.



The dream workers…

… at the SCHRAMM manufactory.

Making use of their comprehensive expertise ranging from traditional handcraft to sophisticated production organisation more than 180 staff members in the carpenter, upholstery and tailor workshops manufacture high-end sleep comfort with utmost handcraft precision and considerable personal dedication. The accurate blending of classy materials, a well-rehearsed team of sensitive hands and expert knowledge achieved for decades make a SCHRAMM bed what it is: perfectly HANDMADE IN GERMANY.

The SCHRAMM bed distinguishes itself by the most delicate details. This is the only way to compose valuable components to such a unique masterpiece. Experience every detail of perfect sleep comfort yourself. Exclusively tailor-made by traditional workmanship. Sophisticated, timeless and of lasting value.

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100 hours of master workmanship for 1 bed

Apart from classy materials and the perfect tailoring to the user’s needs almost 100 hours of master workmanship are required for the premium bed GRAND CRU. Making use of the best padding tradition, the divan, the base mattress of the GRAND CRU series, is manually and elaborately braced and tied with hourglass springs.



Cylindrical springs sewn-in by hand

Ofenthermisch vergütete Stahlfedern - Schramm

Furnace-tempered steel springs constitute the basis for a relaxed sleep culture.
Only springs which have undergone a thermal treatment after winding are used for the SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses GRAND CRU N°1, DIVINA and MYTHOS. They are resistant to fatigue and overstressing and additionally demagnetised – worldwide unique. Depending on individual weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits, springs of varying strength are active inside a mattress. Since each 6-, 9- or 12-coil cylindrical spring is manually sewn into an individual nettle cloth pocket it can respond independently of adjacent springs, closely molding itself to the contours and movements of the body. Pure individualism to guarantee top sleep culture.

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SCHRAMM Workshops are proud of their apprentices

Quotes from our apprentices: „It is not just an ordinary place to work at – it’s more like a family.“ – „The SCHRAMM company gives me the chance to pursue an outstanding vocational training in the job of my dreams. And I enjoy it a lot.“ That sounds good.

Vocational training at SCHRAMM. This is what we are proud of. Send us your application.

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