Nature must be sensed

Alexander von Humboldt

Natural sleep equals regeneration for body, mind and soul. Nowhere else may the individual relax better and recharge his batteries easier than in a perfectly built bed. What is more obvious than to pay a great deal of attention to this bed? Experience, tradition and natural materials play the leading roles. Enjoy the experience to try the unique sleep climate in a bed by the SCHRAMM manufactory. Nothing comes more naturally.

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The human skin is our natural link to our environment. It loves touching natural materials. Cotton, new wool, silk, linen and cashmere enhance the natural evaporation of the skin and have a positive effect on the sleeper. They adapt amazingly to the body and enable an ideal regulation of the bed climate and the temperature sensation. Recycled fabrics are surprisingly easy to take care of and ensure ecological sustainability.

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Out of a sense of responsibility for a future worth living


We exclusively use Talalay latex in our manufactured mattresses. Additionally, use of this naturally renewable raw material provides for a truly quiet environmental conscience. Processing Talalay latex saves a lot more energy than would be the case with comparable synthetic materials. Furthermore, its source, the tropical rubber tree, just like all plants absorbs the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Upon discarding the mattress, only as much of this gas is emitted to the environment as was needed by the tree to grow – a perfectly climate-neutral product.

The fabrics of the PUREBEDS collection represent a conscientious decision in favour of sustainability and environment. Some of the fabrics are entirely made of yarns derived from recycled materials. Plastic bottles and used clothes serve a new purpose by being processed during the ecologically beneficial production.

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Selected natural materials

SCHRAMM uses pure new wool from French free-range sheep, cotton, silk, linen and cashmere as well as various natural unbonded padding materials which are the components of incomparable sleep comfort. Using natural materials, professional sensitivity and handcraft passion, SCHRAMM produces unique items offering individual flexibility and a natural bed climate.

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