Sleep culture is not an invention of modern times

Sleep. Up to this very day its nature is a mystery and we still don’t really understand its function and effect, but one thing is certain: Without our sliding into the deep realms of dream and shadow, without our wandering into daring fiction and secret fantasies we would not live. But sleep not only is a biological necessity that can come upon us at any time. It is also closely associated with sensuality and softness, security and love. The intensity of our feelings is never greater than on the narrow path between waking and sleeping. Never do we see more clearly than on the magical moment between rapture and rest. For more than 90 years it has been the specialty of bed manufacturer SCHRAMM to produce the right support for this precious and fleeting phenomenon. Due to our uncompromising demand for quality and close monitoring of every single function we succeeded in the production of true masterpieces of highest sleep culture.

Through the ages, the human being with all his unique habits and needs has continuously adapted the bed to his standards of well-being and put it into the centre of his need for relaxation and lifestyle. The SCHRAMM workshops create exclusively tailor-made dream beds of top processing quality for people with high expectations – timeless and stable in value, uncompromising and absolutely HANDMADE IN GERMANY – including the incomparable bed climate.




The 10 most important reasons to make schramm your choice





For three generations, SCHRAMM workshops have specialised in highest sleep comfort handmade in Germany. Having been founded in 1923 as an upholstery and saddlery workshop, SCHRAMM workshops have focused on manufacturing high quality mattresses and base mattresses since the mid-1960s. Several own bed creations and fully integrated boxspring systems follow. Entirely comprehensive sleep comfort which is enhanced consistently. 
Apart from classy materials and the perfect tailoring to the user’s needs almost 100 hours of master craftsman work are required for the premium bed GRAND CRU. According to the best padding tradition, the patented triple mattress system composed of the divan, the intermediate mattress and the top mattress, is manually and elaborately braced and tied with hourglass springs. 

In striving for highest quality and ever more perfect solutions we never forget who we owe our success to and who is in the centre of all our concerns: our customers. Our entire thinking and acting, our innovations and our passion focus on them – far away from nowadays popular mass production. This is the reason why we have remained faithful to our handcraft for 90 years: Handmade in Germany is a promise which we renew daily. With our extensive experience, with our entire expertise and with all our energy.

2. The dual mattress system by SCHRAMM


By choosing the dual mattress system by the bed manufactory SCHRAMM you opt for the combination of a resilient top mattress and a stable base mattress which are perfectly tuned to each other, providing for total relaxation and regeneration of body, mind and soul during the night. The independently responding top mattress adjusts to your individual dimensions and sleeping habits, thereby bedding the body in an optimal anatomic position; the stable base mattress cushions every movement smoothly and evenly, providing the foundation for sound sleep.

This also applies to GRAND CRU's patented triple mattress system. Spring tensions which are perfectly fine-tuned to each other synergetically produce the unmistakeable sleep comfort. Luxury - day after day.

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The 4 manufactory mattresses


3. Shift-function

Base mattresses featuring a motor-driven adjustment including the SHIFT technology will move the entire boxspring system automatically by 25 cm in the head end direction upon lifting the back part. This way, the spatial position of the upper part of the body remains unchanged and the bedside table stays within easy reach. The movement is effected perfectly evenly and stagelessly.

Apart from the non-adjustable base mattress and the one with manual head or head/foot adjustment your bed may be equipped with a four or five section motor-driven SCHRAMM base mattress.

Adjustability of the base mattresses

4. The 4 Patents by Schramm

The striving for comprehensive sleep comfort which is enhanced continuously is particularly illustrated by the patents developped by SCHRAMM:

1. The patented shoulder cavity (1990).
The shoulder must be allowed to sink in without „drowning“, therefore this area requires reduced spring tensions and the deliberately selected resilience of the ticking while providing gentle support at the same time.
More information on patented shoulder cavity

2. The patented S.C.A. – Secondary Contour Adaptation (2003).
According to individual body shape the base mattress may be lifted or lowered independently and stagelessly up to 2 cm within the shoulder and pelvis areas. This technology provides for a „tailor-made suit“ by a perceptible optimization.
More information on S.C.A.

3. The patented triple mattress system GRAND CRU (2011)
The triple system GRAND CRU for which a European patent has already been issued is based on the handmade base mattress DIVAN. Manually braced and tied with hourglass springs in best upholstery tradition. The simply ingenious dynamics of the base’s springs activate the sensitive interaction with the differentiated spring tensions of the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE. This intermediate mattress supports the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1, and enhances its even closer adaption to the sleeper’s body shape.
More information on GRAND CRU

4. The End-to-End Base Mattress Two in One (2014)
Perfect resting even on larger surfaces. Offering the additional benefit of a foldable base mattress - a handy feature ensuring effortless transportation of the bed.

5. Best bed climate


The spring structure of the dual mattress system provides for a free air circulation in all directions, vertically as well as horizontally. Natural materials of top quality and breathability preclude a build-up of moisture; the unlimited removal of moisture creates an outstanding bed climate. This effect is enhanced by the meticulous processing. Padding materials are connected to each other via an elaborate tacking system (the SCHRAMM blind tacking method), and not – as is customary – by being glued airtight to each other.

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6. Selected natural materials


Natural sleep equals regeneration for body, mind and soul. Nowhere else may the human being relax better and recharge his batteries easier than in a perfectly built bed. What is more obvious than to pay a great deal of attention to this bed? Experience, tradition and natural materials play the leading roles. Enjoy the experience to try the unique sleep climate in a bed by the SCHRAMM manufactory. Nothing comes more naturally. 


7. Ecologically sustainable

out of a sense of responsibility for a future worth living

SCHRAMM exclusively uses pure new wool from French free-range sheep, cotton, silk, linen and cashmere as well as various natural unbonded padding materials. Using natural materials, professional sensitivity and handcraft passion, SCHRAMM produces unique items offering individual flexibility and a natural bed climate.

We exclusively use Talalay latex in our manufactured mattresses. Additionally, use of this naturally renewable raw material provides for a truly quiet environmental conscience. Processing Talalay latex saves a lot more energy than would be the case with comparable synthetic materials. Furthermore, its source, the tropical rubber tree, just like all plants absorbs the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Upon discarding the mattress, only as much of this gas is emitted to the environment as was needed by the tree to grow – a perfectly climate-neutral product.

8. Worldwide unique

pocket spring mattresses by SCHRAMM

Thermal furnace-tempered steel springs – the basis for a relaxed sleep culture
Only springs which have undergone a thermal furnace-tempering after winding are used for the SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses GRAND CRU N°1, DIVINA and MYTHOS. They are resistant to fatigue and over-stressing and moreover demagnetized – worldwide unique. Depending on individual weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits, springs of varying strength are active inside a mattress. And because each individual 6-/9- or 12-coil spring is hand-sewn into its own pocket, it can respond almost independently from the adjacent springs, closely molding itself to the contours of the body and conform to body movements. This is pure individualism for highest sleep culture.

More information on spring quality

9. Exclusive linens, fabrics and wood species

The comprehensive array of different fabrics, colours and processing details of bed linen collection puts the finishing touches on the individual bed composition. Whether it is cotton percale or the most refined cotton satin with 300 threat count - for the production of bed linen SCHRAMM exklusively uses classiest gabrics which guarantee the longest durability. Beautiful shaped finishing details such as pipings with double embroidery, hemstitch seams or cordings round off the collection and make dreams come true.

Exclusive linen

10. Individual advisory service by qualified retailers

It is by far the best to experience the fantastic qualities of a SCHRAMM bed with your own body. When resting on a sleep system by SCHRAMM all your senses will let you know what we are referring to when talking about incomparable sleep comfort. Make sure to take your time. You are welcome to see one of our authorized qualified SCHRAMM retailers for a personal advisory appointment and a delightful testing; it will be their pleasure to provide extensive and competent advice.
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