LOTUS Candle

180 g (each 100 g 18,90 €)

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Light and fragrance are two elements to be played with creatively. Our scented candles are poured by hand and created by a french parfumeur in the South of France. Citric-spicy smells our candle lotus and gives a comfy aroma to your home. The matching massive candle glass boasting the elegant SCHRAMM logo represents a beautiful design object in any room. Suitably to this candle there is also the room scent lotus.


  • Light lasts for app. 40 hours
  • 180 g
  • Made in France
  • Quality wax and cotton wick
  • Contains: limonene, alphaisomethyleneionone, hydroxymethylenepentylene-cyclohexenecarboaldehyde, acetylcedrene, hexylsalicylate & cumarin.
  • Detrimental to aquatic organisms; May cause allergic reactions