CASHMERE Fragrance Set

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Varied elegance - a meaningful atmosphere in your living room with our duo "Candle + Room Scent" which invites you to dream and relax.

Cashmere smells like almonds, powdery, sensual, seductive, a bit tickling & erotic. An elegant and marvelous fragrance experience.

Enjoy the cozy ambiance at your home and save 5%.



  • Light lasts for app. 40 hours
  • 180 g
  • Made in France


  • 100 ml
  • reclosable glass flacon including room scent and wooden sticks
  • scent effect approx. 6 weeks 
  • Made in France


  • Quality wax and cotton wick
  • Contains: amylcinnamicaldehyde (ACA) X, hydroxymethylenepentylene-cyclohexenecarboaldehyde, hexylsalicylate, cis-3 hexenylenesalicylate
  • May produce an allergic reaction


  • Contains: amylcinnamicaldehyde (ACA) X, hydroxylenemethylenepentylene-cyclohexenecarboaldehyde, hexylsalicylate, cis-3-hexenylenesalicylate, p-tert-butyl-alphamethylenehydrocinnamicaldehyde (lilial)
  • May cause allergic reactions
  • Liquid and vapours highly flammable
  • Detrimental to aquatic organisms; fatal long-term effects
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