The SCHRAMM Home Collection offers the perfect accessories for your SCHRAMM bed.
Ranging from bed linen to duvets and pillows right through to decoration, SCHRAMM provides a wide selection of products.

Gain an insight into the world of SCHRAMM Home Collection here and experience the quality in person at your local distributor.

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OUR Bedding


Tell me how you sleep – and I’ll tell you who you are. The perfect bed that’s tailored to every individual doesn’t just need the right mattresses, but also the proper bedding. Only you can determine how you sleep best. And that’s important because we ultimately spend a third to a half of our lives in bed!

We help you put together your ideal bed and also offer a large selection of bedding. As a traditional bed manufacturer, we have well-established connections to exclusive manufacturers who only work with the highest quality materials.

Duvet Inserts & Pillows


Choose from our diverse product lines according to personal preference, season and budget. A decisive factor is the choice of warming filling material:
microfiber, camel hair, organic hemp, silk or down.

The basic quality range consists of duvets and pillows made of wonderfully soft microfibre. They are easy to care for, washable and suitable for tumble drying. The Microfill pillows have a zipper allowing the filling, consisting of microfibre balls, to be replaced at any time as required.

The second product line comprises duvets made of the fine hair of young camels, encased in a cotton cover. These duvets ensure a perfect, completely natural sleeping climate in summer as well as winter, as camel hair allows particularly effective temperature regulation – just like in the natural environment of camels in the desert, from -10 degrees Celsius to almost +50 degrees Celsius.

The third product line provides a selection of classic German down duvets and matching pillows. These feature finest, pure down from stables in the Münster region, which is processed by hand. The feathers – not from live animals in the interests of animal welfare – are encased in covers made of cotton percale. This version is available in two fill densities to suit the different warming requirements of customers. The matching down pillows are designed according to ergonomic principles to best support the cervical spine.



Covering up with a blanket – this gesture is an inherent human instinct. We yearn for protection, warmth and security day after day, even if we aren’t always aware of it. All the better, then, when fine blankets and plaids can be found to snuggle up in throughout the house. Because a blanket made of cashmere, fine Merino fabric or lambswool is a favourite piece, eye-catcher, textile picture. A mobile, decorative element on beds, sofas and armchairs.