How to buy the perfect mattress.

  • Only search for a new mattress in a well rested condition. Any mattress will initially feel great to a tired customer.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Take your time (1 to 2 hrs) for your first date with your future bed.
  • Lay down on different types and strengths of mattresses. Your spine should neither be overstretched nor bent to the side, the muscles should not be overexpanded, you should be able to breathe freely and the blood circulation must not be hampered.
  • Your spine should form a straight line when you are resting on your side, while your shoulders and hips should slightly sink in. To women, it is mainly the pressure relief from the hip which matters the most, to men, it is the relief from the shoulder. The easier it is to follow one’s natural movements while sleeping, the better is sleep’s quality. Complete sinking in must be avoided just like resting on a too tight surface; both impede an ergonomically reasonable body support. When in doubt, the slightly tighter mattress is the better choice.
  • Turning over should be easy.
  • Try different sleeping positions – on the back and on the side – according to your individual preference.
  • Couples should try the mattress together. Moreover, we recommend two separate, individually laid-out mattresses and base mattresses. After all, it happens very rarely that two partners are equally tall and heavy.
  • Mattress size: Length = body height 20-30 cm, width = 100 cm for single beds, 180 cm and more for double beds.