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For three generations, SCHRAMM has manufactured pocket spring mattresses featuring thermally tempered springs.

After winding, the steel wire is slowly and steadily heated up to the required temperature in the furnace before it cools down equally slowly. The purpose of this process consists in allowing the original molecular structures of the spring (which were altered during winding) to re-build. It is exactly this tempering providing the spring with resilience, lasting dynamics and elasticity while also enabling it to put up with high stress. At the same time, the springs are demagnetized; their electric charge corresponds to the earth’s natural geomagnetic field. Until today, SCHRAMM is the only manufacturer applying this method of thermal furnace-tempering for springs in the GRAND CRU N°1 , DIVINA and MYTHOS mattresses. An irreplaceable quality factor and an exemplary brand feature by the manufactory.

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Schramm-thermisch veredelten Federn

Schramm reiner Handarbeit

Unique items are exclusively handcrafted, tailor-made down to the smallest detail according to both the parameters of the human body and the individual’s habits and preferences.

For example, different spring tensions are active inside the mattress because different parts of the body have different weights. The pelvis – accounting for app. 42 % of the total body weight – must be supported more powerfully than legs or waist in order to compensate pressure and to relieve strain from spine and muscles.

The patented shoulder cavity was particularly designed for side-sleepers.

To allow the shoulder to dive gently into the mattress, springs of a reduced tension are applied in this area along with a highly resilient cotton ticking which provides for additional relaxation. This way, the delicately differentiated spring tensions support every spot of the body.

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Using natural materials

SCHRAMM uses pure new wool, cotton, silk, linen, cashmere and several unbonded natural materials. Nature's materials, professional manual skills and passionate craftsmanship make the difference when compared to classic cold foam mattresses.
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Woven tabs between the spring pockets – a truly added value.

They allow for a maximum possible point-elasticity upon the adaptation of the mattress to the body contours and movements on motor-adjustable beds.

Gewebte Stege zwischen den Federtaschen

Removable covers featuring intelligent upholstery technique

Two separately removable covers allow resting on a MYTHOS even if one side has been removed for washing or dry-cleaning. The padding materials and the reverse cover are fixed by blind tacking (they are not glued to each other, thereby contributing to a perfect adaptation to the body shape und an unsurpassed air circulation).

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The dual mattress system

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manufactory mattresses

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Spring quality

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Bed climate

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