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Did you know that a sleeping person loses an average of half a litre of moisture every night?


A look inside

A bit of that is absorbed by sleepwear and bedding – but the far more important role played during the transfer of moisture is the aeration and ventilation of the mattress. One glance at the inside of the dual mattress system shows how SCHRAMM solves that problem, thanks to the highest level of competence and craftsmanship: To create an optimal sleep climate, the padding materials are connected to each other via an elaborate tacking method (the SCHRAMM blind tacking method), and not – as is customary – glued almost airtight to each other. The air can circulate freely through both mattresses (base and top mattress) in all directions – moisture is immediately removed and vanishes literally into thin air. Because a good night's sleep requires air – and passionate attention to detail.

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The horizontal and vertical air exchange offers optimal sleep comfort. The interplay of the fully breathable padding materials and of the air space of the base mattress – along with the sleeper’s body movements - has the effect of a self-reinflating air cushion. Air can circulate continuously in all directions, thereby removing moisture.

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The dual mattress system by SCHRAMM

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Handmade in Germany

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