Spring cleaning - How do I clean my mattress properly?

We invest a lot of money in our bed to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible – after all, we spend up to a third of the day in bed. The mattress is one of the most important elements of bedding. We lay down here night after night. The mattress has to withstand a fair amount of punishment and "staining" of various kinds inevitably occurs. In order to feel comfortable in bed and enjoy the mattress for a long time, proper care and cleaning of the mattress is important..

How should I clean my mattress?
The body of a healthy person releases about 0.8 litres of moisture through his skin and exhaled air to his bed environment during a single night. Some gets into the bed linen and sleepwear, but about half of it reaches the mattress. In order to ensure that the moisture absorbed at night can be released again, proper airing of the mattress is absolutely necessary. During the day, airing is partly ensured by the natural evaporation process - but you should also actively contribute to optimal airing of your mattress: air your bedroom for a few minutes every day after getting up. For the mattress to "breathe" correctly, it is best to remove all bedding items from the bed - then air them as well.

  • Avoid synthetic bedspreads or blankets, choose blankets made of breathable natural materials such as cotton, wool, down or camel hair
  • For a good room climate, the temperature in the bedroom should be between 15°C and 20°C and the humidity between 40% and 60%

Aids for cleaning a mattress
A soft brush is ideal for regularly brushing the mattress surface and for removing stains. Cleaning a mattress with a vacuum cleaner is also very popular. However, improper use of the vacuum cleaner can result in damage to the upholstery and lining of the mattress (e.g. shifting of the filling, pilling and the like). Use your vacuum cleaner only in conjunction with special upholstery nozzles and reduced suction power. Some manufacturers also offer special anti-mite vacuum cleaner attachments especially for allergy sufferers. Again, you should be careful not to subject the mattress surface to excessive suction power.

You should refrain from using a carpet beater. This cleaning utensil is totally unsuitable and should not be used for mattress care.

Turn and flip over the mattress
In order to ensure uniform usage and body adaptation of the mattress, we recommend flipping the mattress over regularly. Flip over a new mattress approx. once a month in the first year to ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed. As a result, both mattress sides can be evenly integrated and used. Thereafter, the mattress should be flipped over at least four to six times a year.

Additional protection and greater hygiene
Additional protection and greater hygiene Using a bed sheet or fitted sheet is a matter of course for all of us. For additional mattress protection, there are also wonderfully comfortable mattress toppers.
Particularly popular is the absorbent or moisture-absorbing Molton topper, but also toppers made of natural materials such as down, cashmere/silk, camel hair or cotton provide a wonderfully soft feeling and extra protection for your mattress.

How to remove stains from the mattress

Stains can end up on a mattress in numerous ways. They should be treated with a suitable stain remover as soon as possible – the fresher the stain is, the easier it is to remove. In order to avoid water marks, it is advisable to work from the outside to the middle. Dab the stain gently with a sponge or absorbent paper and ensure good ventilation. Make sure that the mattress does not get too damp. If you are unsure whether you can clean your mattress with one or the other cleaning product, please ask your specialist dealer.

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