Despite summer heat sleep well - here our tips:

If it is hot outdoors and you do not have air conditioning, it can be difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are ways to cool down and stay cool for long enough until you doze off and get a good night's sleep.

Preparing to go to sleep

Take a lukewarm shower or a lukewarm bath.

Do not take a cold shower as this can have a reverse effect. Your body temperature can actually rise to counteract the cold water. Instead, take a lukewarm shower.

  • You can also put your hands and feet in lukewarm water. Your hands and feet are your "heaters", i.e. the parts of your body that tend to heat up. Keeping them in lukewarm water and cooling them down regulates your body temperature and cools you down

Replace heavy bedding for lighter bedding.

Remove thick mattress covers or cushions that return heat, and thick blankets. Use lighter bedding such as cotton sheets or light cotton blankets. 

Sleep in cotton clothes.

Even if you may be tempted to undress and sleep naked in order to stay cool, you may get hotter as moisture between your body and the sleeping surface cannot evaporate. Wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fabrics, e.g. nylon, as it is not breathable and it can make you even warmer. 

Wipe your face, hands and feet with a damp cloth.

Moisten your face or arms at night with a damp cloth placed next to your bed. But avoid going to sleep with wet arms or a wet face. Once you have wiped your body, dry yourself with a dry towel before you go to sleep.

  • You can also buy special towels made from a special evaporation material which absorbs water but feels dry when touched. They cool you off without your skin getting wet.

Preparing to go to sleep

Create airflow with a fan.

Keep the bedroom door open and place a fan in a corner of the room so that it points towards your bed. 

Fill a towel with ice cubes.

Before air conditioning was introduced, people used ice packs, towels filled with ice cubes, or cool packs that they hung in front of a fan to keep cool. 

Turn your pillow over so that the cool side is facing upwards.

When you wake up at night because of the heat, turn your pillow over to the other side. The other side is cooler than the side you slept on as it does not absorb any body heat during the night. 

Moisten your face and neck with a spray bottle.

If you wake up at night because of the heat, take a spray bottle and fill it with cold water. Spray your face and neck to cool down.

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