Five facts about our sense of smell

  • You actually smell with your brain: Not your nose, as you might assume.
  • The human nose is almost as sensitive as the noses of many animals, including dogs
  • Scents can conjure up memories. Most of your scent memories, however, come from the first decade of your life, unlike visual or other sensorial memory types.The most profound smell people are triggered by from their childhood, is the scent of fresh crayons!
  • Your nose contains 10 million smell receptors, which can distinguish 10 trillion distinct scents.
  • Good smells make you happier. Smelling a fragrance you perceive as pleasant has a positive effect on the mind.

Our sense of smell


                  CASHMERE                                                                                                            COTTON                                                                                                                LOTUS

Tips and tricks for fragrance sticks

  • Fragrance sticks will work best in well aired rooms. The sticks will give off the scent more intensive, when they are played around with light drafts.
  • Fragrance sticks are made of bamboo, rattan, balsa wood or wicker. Because of the high absorbency and the low density, they absorb the liquid very well and space out evenly the scent.
  • A lot helps a lot. Each more sticks in the flacon, the more intensive the scent. If you want to save more of the scent, you have to reduce the sticks from seven to five

                        CASHMERE                                                                                                      COTTON                                                                                                        LOTUS