Origins Complete Fold by Sebastian Herkner

Following his bed CALM, Sebastian Herkner has also designed a bed for our ORIGINS COMPLETE collection. With its two adjustable cushions our bed FOLD invites you to enjoy some cosy hours with a book and a cup of tea.


The new design bed by SCHRAMM. Featuring a refined headboard which offers the sleeper the option to sit up comfortably in bed without having to use any additional cushions, like for watching TV or for a last email check. Whoever sets his cell phone to flight mode before falling asleep will enjoy an undisturbed relaxed night rest on a mattress which is perfectly adapted to the body. Even more convenient is the fact that the adjustable headboard may be easily moved stagelessly by hand. FOLD – a wonderfully comfortable bed from the ORIGINS COMPLETE series. 

Sebastian Herkner   

1981           born in Bad Mergentheim, Germany    

2001 – 2007 Academy of Art and Design Offenbach am Main Germany,

                   Department of Industrial Design

2003 - 2004 internship at Stella McCartney Ltd. London, UK

2006           setting up own studio

Holder of numerous national and international design awards.