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Duvet Down & Camel, Kissen Down & Microfill

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Tell me how you sleep – and I’ll tell you who you are. The perfect bed, individually adapted to each person, does not only require the right mattresses but also suitable duvets and cushions. The only one to find out which is the best way for you to sleep is you. And this is important. Since we spend between a third and half of our lives in bed! We are pleased to help you with the composition of the best possible bed, offering a large choice of duvets and pillows. Being a traditional bed manufacturer in the fourth generation we established long-term connections to exclusive manufactories where only the classiest materials are used.   Make your choice from three different lines according to your personal preferences, season and budget. What counts is the selection of the thermal filling: microfibre, camel hair or down. Duvets and pillows made from amazingly soft microfibre are perfect starter models as they are easy to care for, washable and may be tumble-dried. The microfill pillows have a zipper so that the filling of microfibre balls may be exchanged at any time if need be.

Best bed climate

A look inside A bit of that is absorbed by sleepwear and bedding – but the far more important role played during the transfer of moisture is the aeration and ventilation of the mattress. One glance at the inside of the dual mattress system shows how SCHRAMM solves that problem, thanks to the highest level of competence and craftsmanship: To create an optimal sleep climate, the padding materials are connected to each other via an elaborate tacking method (the SCHRAMM blind tacking method), and not – as is customary – glued almost airtight to each other. The air can circulate freely through both mattresses (base and top mattress) in all directions – moisture is immediately removed and vanishes literally into thin air. Because a good night's sleep requires air – and passionate attention to detail.

The horizontal and vertical air exchange offers optimal sleep comfort. The interplay of the fully breathable padding materials and of the air space of the base mattress – along with the sleeper’s body movements - has the effect of a self-reinflating air cushion. Air can circulate continuously in all directions, thereby removing moisture.

Nature must be sensed

Natural sleep equals regeneration for body, mind and soul. Nowhere else may the individual relax better and recharge his batteries easier than in a perfectly built bed. What is more obvious than to pay a great deal of attention to this bed? Experience, tradition and natural materials play the leading roles. Enjoy the experience to try the unique sleep climate in a bed by the SCHRAMM manufactory. Nothing comes more naturally.

The human skin is our natural link to our environment. It loves touching natural materials. Cotton, new wool, silk, linen and cashmere enhance the natural evaporation of the skin and have a positive effect on the sleeper. They adapt amazingly to the body and enable an ideal regulation of the bed climate and the temperature sensation. Recycled fabrics are surprisingly easy to take care of and ensure ecological sustainability.

LOLA Plaid

Our plaid Lola is woven from an especially fine wool and does not have any wool grease (lanolin), therefore it may also be used by persons who suffer from a wool allergy.  In order to maintain the natural beauty this smooth wool tissue is not died but processed only in its natural hue. Lola is produced in a specialised Peruvian manufactory. The matching hauzy alpaca fur perfectly enframes this extraordinary plaid. Soft, light and particularly cuddly, Lola may be used either as a throw on beds and sofas or to cuddle up cozily on chilly days.