Have you ever thought about it? We change and clean several times a week sweaters, shirts or pants that we wear during the day. The bed linen, in which we sleep every night and is lying directly on our skin, usually remains unchanged for several weeks.

Therefore, regular washing is mandatory

Every night we sweat into the sheets. In warm and humid climate multiply germs, mites and bacteria optimally. In addition, we lose many small skin scales night-by-night, which get caught in the bedding. Therefore, it is important to wash the linen regularly and thoroughly.

By how many degrees should you wash?

The rule of thumb is that the bedding should be changed once or twice a month. You almost always have to choose at least the 60-degree wash cycle.

Only at these temperatures bacteria and mites are surely get killed in the sheets. Satin and linen are only suitable for washing temperatures up to 40 degrees.

Practical tips for cleaning

When you take off your bedding for the wash, it is advisable to turn the linen to the left side and close. In this way, the sedimentation on the inside of the textiles are getting cleaned better and the motifs or colors on the outside are not so heavily loaded. Socks or other small textiles can not get caught in the inner part of the sheets.
For a particularly thorough cleaning, add a little vinegar as a substitute for fabric softener. And do not worry: The venigar smell volatilize while cleaning. Another popular home remedy for the washing machine is the addition of starch. This makes your bedding more handy - and feels longer freshly washed.  

Especially high-quality fabrics such as silk or satin are very sensitive and should not be exposed to strong spin. Cotton covers on the other hand are rather insensitive.  

By the way, not only linen need to be washed regularly, inlets and pillows should be washed also every now and then . All our blankets and pillows are washable. We recommend our mild detergent under the observance of the respective wash instructions. 

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