The international exhibition „Handmade in Germany“ is stopping over in China once again, this time on the Macao peninsula.

There are two sides to Macao: The Chinese special administration region situated 50 kilometers west of Hong Kong in the Pearl River delta is known as the largest international gambling paradise. Moreover, Macao represents a unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Macao is composed of the peninsula joined to the mainland and the Cotai-Taipa-Colane island. The islands are connected to each other by three bridges spanning up to two kilometers distance. Scarcely 30 square kilometers are packed with almost 600.000 inhabitants. The cityscape is still dominated by colonial buildings reminding the beholder of Macao’s 442 years history as a Portuguese colony which was transferred to China only in 1999.

The Venetian Macao Hotel, Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macao, China. April, 22 to 25, 2016,daily opened from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.