Top luxury ranking - Schramm Werkstätten rank 11th among the 25 most important German brands

German luxury companies are booming – and the beds by Schramm Werkstätten join in at the top. While climbing ever higher: Schramm counted among the top 25 of 250 luxury companies rated and presented in early June by the consulting agency Ernst & Young in association with the Inlux Institute. Schramm ranks sensational 11th among highly prestigious brands such as Porsche and Robbe & Berking. This position signifies another upgrade by six ranks compared to the previous year (in 2015, Schramm ranked 17th). The companies Montblanc, Leica, A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original meanwhile are on top of the bill.

CEO Axel Schramm comments on his company’s success: „This position means a great honour to us, however, it is committing us at the same time to take our standards ever higher. We want to use our discipline to simply give the best we can.“

When evaluating the individual factors taken into consideration during the company rating, Schramm even ranks 3rd regarding the element of sustainability (following up on BMW i8 and Walter Knoll).

„Sustainability represents an ever increasingly important facet of luxury because all of us are affected by issues like ecology, environmental protection, fairness and maintaining values“, says Angela Schramm, Creative & Marketing Director of Schramm Werkstätten. „Constancy - especially in the context of durability - is of paramount importance to us, even more so regarding the growing throwaway society nowadays. For the definition of sustainability originates from a continuing impact for a long time!“

The four criteria of the study determining a potential admission to the club of German luxury companies are strict: Origin and headquarters of the company must be located in Germany, the company must focus on products for ultimate consumers instead of mere services and the products must be part of the high-end segment of the corresponding industrial sector. Determinates for the ranking position are turnover volume, exclusiveness, top quality, digitisation, emotional ties of customers to the brand, personal benefit and sustainability.

The study substantiates Germany’s strong position in the luxury market of interior design: ten of the 25 top brands are manufacturers of furniture, such as Dedon, Walter Knoll and Cor or kitchens such as Siematic, Bulthaup and Gaggenau. According to the evaluation of the study the success of German luxury brands is based on the components handcraft, design and technology – qualities which Schramm Werkstätten attach particular significance to.

Since – according to the study’s results – especially owner-run companies are booming Schramm is very likely to pursue a continued successful development. Moreover, the luxury market’s volume of currently a thousand billion Euros has grown by 5 percent. Despite several worldwide crises experts are forecasting stable figures for the current year, too.

The study

Schramm LUXUS BUSINESS REPORT 2016 The elaborate study was presented on the occasion of the sixth Luxury Business Day on June, 9, 2016, in Munich, an opportunity taken by approximately 150 experts to discuss issues of luxury and the corresponding market. By establishing this year’s ranking Inlux and Ernst & Young identified the top German luxury brands for the fourth time. A panel of experts nominated 120 brands from a list of 250 luxury companies for the ranking. The total score of the ranking is composed of a hard score („facts“) and a soft score („emotions“). Additionally, digitalisation (being a mega-trend), brand loyalty, personal benefit to consumers as well as the issue of sustainability will determine the final ranking.

About Luxury Business Day

Since 2011 the Luxury Business Day has established itself as the leading luxury conference with 150 participants annually. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive managers of the marketing, distribution and digital sectors get together in Munich to exchange their points of view. The Luxury Business Day is hosted by the Munich consulting and training company INLUX and the publishing company Journal International which specialises in communication solutions. Among event partners count e.g. the accounting auditing company EY, the association of brands including its forum “Luxus. Marke. Lebensstil“ (Luxury. Brand. Lifestyle.), the law firm Noerr LLP, the research company Albatross Global Solutions and the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.