The sleep system by SCHRAMM

Each single SCHRAMM bed is an individual tailor-made customization for your good sleep, featuring selected natural materials such as pure new wool from French free-range sheep. Thereby offering you a sleep experience making you dream for years and years to come. In combination with the handmade pocket spring cores the different layers of padding adapt perfectly to your body contours.

SCHRAMM maintains the traditional upholstery technique of the dual mattress system, composing the spring-mounted base mattress with the spring or pocket spring top mattress. Continuous innovations throughout the entire production process provide for pure sleep indulgence and dreamlike resting convenience.


Sleeping is more important than generally assumed…

… since we are learning during the deep sleep phase, as Jan Born, scientist in Tübingen, discovered. Too little sleep reduces the ability to learn and tired people fall sick more often. These are the findings by the researcher Jürgen Zulley from Regensburg.

With eyes shut, your brain takes a break – Professor Born does away with this error: „Sleep is an activity, a lot happens during sleep.“ A filter function is performed by brain waves (see graph). These so-called delta waves select those from the multitude of things experienced and learned during the day which will be saved from the preliminary storage into the long-term memory.

The phenomenon of sleep…

Up to this very day its nature is a mystery and we still don’t really understand its function and effect, but one thing is certain: Without our sliding into the deep realms of dream and shadow, without our wandering into daring fiction and secret fantasies we would not live. But sleep not only is a biological necessity that can come upon us at any time. It is also closely associated with sensuality and softness, security and love. The intensity of our feelings is never greater than on the narrow path between waking and sleeping.

Never do we see more clearly than on the magical moment between rapture and rest. It is the specialty of bed manufacturer SCHRAMM to produce the right support for this precious and fleeting phenomenon.
For more than 90 years our uncompromising demand for quality and strict review of every single function has resulted in the production of masterpieces of high sleep culture.

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The dual mattress system

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