Adjustability of base mattresses

The spring-mounted base mattress (boxspring) constitutes the basis of bed rest. The fine-tuned top mattress reacts sensitively to your body, however, it requires a stable and elastic base mattress to unfold its full effectiveness. The base mattress by SCHRAMM absorbs kinetic energy across its entire surface and cushions the pressure evenly.

The base mattresses by SCHRAMM are available in the following versions:
• without adjustment
• with manual adjustment (5 types)
• with motor-driven adjustment (10 types)

The motor-adjusted base mattresses do what you want them to. Engineered down to the finest detail, 10 different versions with up to 5 movable elements adjust into any desired position. Whether you are watching television, reading or relaxing your legs or spine – you can adjust the bed silently and stagelessly according to your needs. We take the highest safety standards for granted. The low-voltage motors of the series 200, 400 and 100 Junior feature an integrated mains cut-off. 21 different standard sizes are offered but also special sizes may be ordered on demand.

NOTE: Always combine SCHRAMM top mattresses with SCHRAMM base mattresses. Only then the optimal effectiveness and the bed climate can be guaranteed.


The impact of the SHIFT operation


Base mattresses featuring a motor-driven adjustment including the SHIFT technology will move the entire boxspring system automatically by 25 cm in the head end direction upon lifting the back part. This way, the spatial position of the upper part of the body remains unchanged and the bedside table stays within easy reach. The movement is effected perfectly evenly and stagelessly.

Apart from the non-adjustable base mattress and the one with manual head or head/foot adjustment your bed may be equipped with a four or five section, motor-driven SCHRAMM base mattress.

The impact of S.C.A.. Secondary Contour Adaptation

schramm SCA_Patent

Convenient and sensitive –
the passionate commitment to perfection continues.

At the SCHRAMM manufactory, looking back on what has been achieved so far will not do for complete satisfaction. Even the slightest modifications in detail may increase the individual convenience perceivably. Whoever spends the night under the best possible conditions will considerably increase the next day’s benefit because a good night is the beginning of a good day.

S.C.A. – Secondary Contour Adaptation has been internationally patented after 3 years of product development.
According to individual body shape such as narrow or broad shoulder, incisive or unincisive contours of hip or pelvis or during a pregnancy, the base mattress may be lifted or lowered independently and stagelessly up to 2 cm within the shoulder and pelvis areas. This technology provides for a „tailor-made suit“ by a perceptible optimization which may be compared to the adjusting options of a comfort seat in a car. In combination with the correct spring tension formula of the top mattress, this ever modifiable fine-tuning defines the ideal resting position for unlimited sleep comfort.