The SCHRAMM spring quality

Every bed is only as good as its springs. They are the invisible soul of the mattress. Their tireless dynamics and elasticity constitute the foundation for refreshing, sound sleep. The GRAND CRU N°1, DIVINA and MYTHOS pocket spring mattresses are the absolute superstars of the highly select SCHRAMM collection. After winding, the springs are hardened in a thermal furnace, which makes them resistant to fatigue and over-stressing. Depending on individual weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits, springs of varying strength are active inside a mattress. And because each individual 6-/9- or 12-coil spring is hand-sewn into its own pocket, it can respond almost independently from the adjacent springs, closely molding itself to the contours of the body and conforming to body movements – inch by inch. Pure individualism for the highest sleep culture.

"There are two things in life that really count. Good shoes and a good bed." So please take your time trying them on and choosing them. At SCHRAMM you will find beds which are tailored to your needs – expert upholsterers, carpenters and tailors individually fabricate each model in our workshops. Traditional production methods are combined with state of the art technology, materials science, medicine, and sleep research. Because your bed is a personal matter – as unique as yourself.

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The facts speak for themselves

Ofenthermische Vergütung

Thermal furnace-tempering – the memory of the springs
Thermal furnace-tempering is used to make steels hard and ductile. An increased hardness implies an increased resistance against plastic deformation. A high ductility increases resistance against breaking. Heating the spring keeps it from losing its reset forces (dislocation) and provides for continuous resilience of the spring. To achieve this result, the springs are slowly and steadily heated up to the required temperature before cooling down equally slowly. The furnace heat-tempering constitutes a kind of maturing process which is also required to produce for example a good wine or a good cheese. Worldwide unique – only by SCHRAMM.

The thermal furnace tempering neutralizes the magnetic effect of the springs whereas the steel keeps its natural properties.

Particular woven spring pocket fabric
A particular spring pocket fabric made of 100% cotton perfectly supports the removal of body evaporation from the inside of the mattress and provides for the best aeration possible.

"Myocardial" spring
Combining exquisitely processed springs and most exclusive padding materials with distinct handcrafting manufacturing methods the SCHRAMM product can be customized individually to meet the user’s specific needs.

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Different spring forces/tensions
Integrated along the longitudinal axis of a SCHRAMM mattress the springs provide for an ideal pressure compensation while resting on it. The combination of different spring tensions provides for an even force progression and enables us to create five different strengths.

Different formulas (tension degrees)
Selecting the correct formula results in the perfect supporting force being exerted on different body weights of the users including better pressure compensation, less stirring during sleep, more convenient resting, sound sleep – pure relaxation.

Best possible number of springs – perfect contour adaptation
The mere number of springs is not the crucial quality feature; at best the effort to detract from the spring’s quality. A car which has 20 wheels is likely to be manoeuvred a lot worse than one with only 4 tyres. It is rather the quality of tyres which is determining the quality. Which advantage do 2000 springs offer if their spring tension is identical to each other? We provide for the foundation of a perfect contour adaptation and weight distribution of the sleeping body by our composition and the related differentiation of spring tensions featuring up to four different spring tensions along the longitudinal axis of the mattress. How can this goal be achieved if absolutely identical spring tensions are used, if the pocket spring core does not differentiate between spring tensions? 

Double pocket spring core models require the springs to be fixed since two springs which are mounted on top of each other always act contray to each other instead of  reinforcing each other. We were able to experience this effect ourselves while developing the GRAND CRU N°1 mattress: The mattress got extremely shaky when equipped with a double pocket spring core, thus requiring a fixation which in turn would make the mattress lose its flexibility. SCHRAMM deliberately decided to use a 12 coil spring instead since only then the fantastic dynamics and the unsurpassed volume of GRAND CRU N°1 can be achieved.

Flexibility and elasticity in specific spots
We use springs with a wider diameter, arranging them deliberately not too close to each other and not in a honeycomb shape, thereby resulting in an unrivalled flexibility and adaptability of the mattress which is achieved by the clearance and the bars of app. 1 cm width between the longitudinal spring rows (SCHRAMM in-house development). The springs’ arrangement provides for the maximum elasticity in specific spots. If too many springs are arranged too close to each other this elasticity is jeopardized, generating an undesirable effect across the entire surface which may be compared to the one observed with cold foam or latex mattresses.













S.C.A. – Secondary Contour Adaptation internationally patented after 3 years of product development.
According to individual body shape such as narrow or broad shoulder, incisive or unincisive contours of hip or pelvis or during a pregnancy, the base mattress may be lifted or lowered independently and stagelessly up to 2 cm within the shoulder and pelvis areas. By this perceptible optimization which may be compared to the adjusting options of a comfort seat in a car the S.C.A. technology creates the „tailor-made suit“ when it comes to sleeping. Even after having made your decision to buy a certain type of mattress, it still allows for a subsequent adjustment to the desired resting position – for as long as you will use your mattress. In combination with the correct spring tension formula of the top mattress, this ever modifiable fine-tuning defines the ideal resting position for unlimited sleep comfort.