The dual mattress system by SCHRAMM

Top quality is a permanent challenge.

For 90 years the family-run business SCHRAMM – currently the fourth generation – has specialised in the well-proven dual mattress system. Numerous evaluations and experiments give evidence of the superiority of this classic system when compared to slatted frame systems or full foam mattresses. Even more so if it is consistently sophisticated and perfected - as is the case with SCHRAMM. The SCHRAMM manufactory then as now continues to offer products which set the standard in terms of craftsmanship, functional consistency, natural flexibility and the unrivalled sleeping conditions they offer. Unlike other manufacturers SCHRAMM has always used thermally tempered springs.

The uncompromising decision in favour of genuine handcraft quality from the start and against a rational mass production makes all the difference and turns SCHRAMM into the exception to modern mass markets. We also renounce to stylish gimmicks or nostalgic games, especially with regard to the procurement of raw materials and their use. For example, horse hair formerly used to be an excellent padding material – however, high-quality Talalay latex is to be preferred nowadays due to its suppleness. SCHRAMM thinks straight: common sense determines every single working step, environmental consciousness and sense of responsibility rule the entire production.

Every area of the body is precisely relieved from specific pressure

The SCHRAMM top mattress cushions the body point-specifically, supports the natural body contours in any resting position and removes pressure completely.

Jeder Körperbereich wird form- und druckgerecht abgestützt

The pelvis area, for example, represents an average portion of app. 42 % of the entire body weight. By the depressurizing effect of the mattress the sleeper’s autonomic nervous system is relieved, the unconscious search for ever new resting positions is done away with. The motion intensity is reduced to a natural extent. The body experiences a calmer, more relaxed and restful sleep. The SCHRAMM sleep system takes these clear anatomic parameters consistently into account by composing spring cores featuring multiple differentiated spring tensions along the entire longitudinal axis of the mattress.

Patented shoulder cavity

Are you a side sleeper?
Do you sometimes have to try for hours
to find a comfortable posture?

Give a cold shoulder to the nightly tossing and turning! The patented shoulder cavity system will completely relieve your situation. The spring tension in the shoulder area determines a relaxed sleeping posture while resting on the side. The shoulder must be allowed to sink in without „drowning“, therefore this area requires reduced spring tensions and the deliberately selected resilience of the ticking while providing gentle support at the same time. SCHRAMM adjusts the formula to the sleeper’s weight and habits, thereby allowing for a boundless sense of well-being. Please note an additional refinement: there are no longitudinal stitchings, especially in the shoulder area, in order to enhance pure indulgence.

All facts worth knowing on SCHRAMM sleep system


The unsurpassed sleep comfort offered by SCHRAMM is based on the synergy effect of the dual mattress system composed of a highly elastic, flexible top mattress and a substantial, stable reactive base mattress.
Select the mattress of your dreams from a comprehensive range of handmade spring core and pocket spring mattresses with individual, finely differentiated spring tensions, shoulder cavity for side sleepers and many more features. Supported by an accurately adapted base mattress – optionally adjustable upon request either manually or almost soundlessly power-operated by remote control – get to know the basics of perfect relaxation.

One cannot do without the other

Top mattress
The top mattress adjusts directly and very closely to your body. Corresponding to the different weight proportions of the body the differentiated spring tensions along the longitudinal axis have a pressure compensating effect. The supporting force of each SCHRAMM mattress is individually fine-tuned to the weight and anatomy of each sleeper. This makes each mattress a perfect customization, on demand available with a patented shoulder cavity for the further optimization of the side position or optional as an anti-allergy version. The independently responding top mattress adjusts to your individual dimensions and sleeping habits, thereby bedding the body in an optimal anatomic position; the stable base mattress cushions every movement smoothly and evenly, providing the foundation for sound sleep.

Base mattress
Even if the fine-tuned top mattress reacts sensitively to your body contours, it requires, however, a stable and elastic base mattress to unfold its full effectiveness.The spring-mounted base mattress by SCHRAMM (boxspring) absorbs kinetic energy across its entire surface and cushions the pressure evenly. The base mattresses by SCHRAMM are available without adjustment or with five manual and ten motor-driven adjustments. 21 different standard sizes are offered but also special sizes may be ordered on demand
NOTE: Always combine SCHRAMM top mattresses with SCHRAMM base mattresses. Only then the optimal effectiveness and the bed climate can be guaranteed. 

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