Passionate love marks every model, uncompromising diligence ensures unequalled pleasure and almost invisible detail solutions make the perceptible difference.

The five models

Whoever prefers a puristic style will be able to get GRAND CRU without a headboard and just dressed in a plain, refined silk ticking. All types are available in the dimensions 120, 140 and 160 cm by 200 cm and as a double bed in 180 or 200 cm by 200 cm. All widths are also available in extended lengths of 210 or 220 cm. For the best possible adaptation to different body contours, the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE and the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1 may be manufactured in one or two parts on request..


PRADO – the joyfully curled headboard full of sensuality and the handmade upholstery offer a multitude of possibilities. The valance is pleated in all four corners and makes PRADO hover visually. A bed calling for attention – an impressive staging for people who like to demonstrate their open-minded attitude towards life.

CANNES – modern rectilinearity combined with an unostentatious, high headboard and welted edging. The valance is pleated in all four corners, pleats are fixed by either a buttoned flap or a fashionable bow.


RAPHAEL – comes with a clear-cut headboard, a manual stitching and visible feet. An alternative valance option is also available.

DUCHESSE – comes with a modern plain headboard without welted edging, with visible feet. Duchesse is also available with valance option.


SQUARE – is the new model of the Grand Cru collection emanates peace and comfort. The elements can be adjusted so the privacy of the dormant or sleeping person is preserved.

GRAND CRU’s one-of-a-kind feature - the patented triple
mattress system by SCHRAMM


SCHRAMM- Drei-Matratzen-System

The triple system GRAND CRU for which a European patent has already been issued is based on the handmade base mattress DIVAN. Manually braced and tied with hourglass springs in best upholstery tradition. The simply ingenious dynamics of the base’s springs activate the sensitive interaction with the differentiated spring tensions of the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE. Finest raw materials and processing methods provide for individual resilience of the system and refine the effect of the base mattress by various sophisticated spring tensions. This intermediate mattress supports the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1, and enhances its even closer adaption to the sleeper’s body shape. Tomorrow’s innovations are concealed by tradition.



100 working hours for a bed

The SCHRAMM workshops have specialised in top sleep comfort handmade in Germany for three generations.
Apart from classy materials and the perfect tailoring to the user’s needs almost 100 hours of master craftsman work are required for the premium bed GRAND CRU. According to the best padding tradition, the divan, the base mattress of the GRAND CRU series, is manually and elaborately braced and tied with hourglass springs. Four different formulas define the composition and resilience of the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1. For you to agree to our statement that words cannot convey the sensations which the body can perceive.

High End Sleeping

Only springs which have undergone a thermal furnace-tempering after winding are used in the SCHRAMM manufactory’s pocket spring mattresses GRAND CRU N°1 and DIVINA.
They are resistant to fatigue and overstressing and additionally demagnetised – worldwide unique. Depending on individual weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits, springs of varying strength are active inside a mattress. Since each 9- or 12-coil hourglass spring is manually sewn into an individual nettle cloth pocket it can respond independently of adjacent springs, closely molding itself to the contours and movements of the body. Pure individualism to guarantee top sleeping culture.
Various natural unbonded padding materials such as pure new wool from French free-range sheep, silk and linen are covered by an additional layer of cashmere and silk and a ticking of silk and viscose – an overall sensitive mattress offering velvety resilience and incomparable resting comfort.

Construction of the Grand Cru No 1 pocket spring mattresses

grand cru's motor functions

GRAND CRU – experience truly royal sleeping indulgence and top comfort offered by a motor-driven, adjustable base mattress. Adjusted by remote control this ingenious system will get you smoothly and quietly into any desired resting position. Completely relaxed, you may enjoy multimedia, discover your favourite reading position or relieve pressure from legs or spine - with just one fingertip. GRAND CRU, your entirely personal oasis of well-being – in the best of estates.

More information on adjustability of the base mattresses

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